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Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Australian Garden Opened, Astilbes and New Plants

New Australian Garden Opened

As promised a week ago I have produced the beginnings of the GardenMessenger web-site click here. This is a place that will become a focus for GardenMessenger members and those of its regional and sub-groups. It will also become a place where I can develop a resource of gardening news and information that will be readily retrievable, unlike the blog, where it is very difficult to find past items. The blog, however, will continue and provide members and visitors with information and latest updates directed to the pages of the GardenMessenger web-site where they are posted. So if you are interested in being kept updated, visit the blog readily.

The Australian Garden Opened
A treasure garden of Australian plants has been opened at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Cranbourne, an annex of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne, Victoria, by the state Premier Steve Bracks.

RHS Bicentenary Glasshouse
The new Royal Horticultural Society’s Bicentenary Glasshouse, which is costing £7.7 million, is now reportedly complete.

Astilbe - Plant of the Month for June
Each month the Dutch nursery industry selects a plant to promote as Plant of the Month and makes recommendations as to some of the more recent and proven cultivars of that genus. This month it is the turn of that lovely group of frost-hardy moisture-loving perennials.

For the above click here.

Eryngium ‘Blue Hobbit’
This is a genetically compact Eryngium with a unique intense blue flower colour….

Rudbeckia hirta ‘Corona’
'Corona' is a cultivar of well-branched habit…..

Salvia splendens ‘Mojave’
This is a compact early flowering cultivar with good heat tolerance…

Gourd ‘Jack B-Little’
A fine new gourd cultivar that is being introduced to European gardeners.

For the above click here.

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