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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Conifer Survey, New Horticultural Lab, Iris Week and New Plants

Thank you all for your very kind comments and suggestions over the radical changes made to the blog and delivery of information during the past few days. We are unexpectedly at the beginning of a journey, but I think it is an exciting one. As time goes on I think the blog and the attendant news and information pages will become an invaluable complementary resource to the steadily growing GardenMessenger membership with its vast wealth of expertise. I hope that the present temporary home for information will soon transfer to its own web-site so that it can be presented more professionally. However, there are only so many hours in the day - but what an interesting time! Thank you all for making it so.

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UK Conifer Die-back Survey - Help Needed
The Royal Horticultural Society, in collaboration with East Malling Research Station, recently received funding from the Horticultural Development Council to investigate the causes of die-back and browning in Leyland (Cupressocyparis x leylandii) and Lawson (Chamaecyparis lawsoniana) cypress hedges.

Patio Vegetables and Exclusive Flowers for 2007
Johnsons Seeds in the UK have announced that in 2007 they are launching a collection of ten modern vegetable cultivars, that have all been selected for their ability to crop well in containers or growing bags.

New Horticultural Laboratory Opened
The Thad Cochran Southern Horticultural Laboratory, a new research laboratory to be operated by the Agricultural Research Service,the United States Department of Agriculture’s chief scientific research agency, has been opened in Poplarville, Mississippi.

Paul Stetson - US Water Gardening Pioneer
It is with great sadness that the death is reported on 3rd June of one of North Americas’ pioneering water gardening exponents and nurserymen, Paul W. Stetson of Paradise Water Gardens Ltd, Whitman, Massachusetts.
For the above click here.

Iris Week
Iris Week is being celebrated from 21st - 25th June at historic Audley End in the east of England. In the wonderful walled kitchen garden, where Garden Organic - the national organic gardening organisation - works in association with English Heritage, its Iris collection will be lifted and divided its for the first time.
For the above click here.

Festival of Roses
This year, the Festival of Roses marquee at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show in the UK will be exhibiting the Rose of the Year 2006, ‘Champagne Moment’, unveiling the Rose of the Year 2007, ‘Tickled Pink’, and celebrating 25 years of Rose of the Year with some of the UK’s top rose growers.

New Cut Flower Chrysanthemums
These new Chrysanthemum cultivars have recently entered cut flower production, and after assessment, are now being produced commercially. Some will remain purely as florists’ flowers, but a number are likely to quickly enter the home gardener market.
For the above click here.

Hampton Court Show Gardens Preview
During the period running up to the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show in the UK in July, regular show garden previews will appear here.
For the above click here.

Plant Talk
The fourth in a series of mini plant reviews: Crataegus
The thorns are an enormous group of trees and occasionally shrubs, most of which are of garden merit. The common European Hawthorn, Crataegus monogyna, is amongst the best-loved and most useful…Details click here.

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