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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Kew Gardens Summer Festival, Blossom End Rot and Biological Control

Historic Kew

Any enthusiastic gardener who happens to be visiting London, should try to get to Kew Gardens' Summer Festival. This explores 'How Kew Grew' and brings to life the people, buildings, and past times which have shaped the Gardens. The origin of the Gardens dates back to 1631, when Kew Palace was built, so the Gardens showcase a treasure trove of history, all waiting to be discovered. Some of the highlights include the opening of the Pagoda and Kew Palace, for the first time in many years; wallabies and sheep in the Gardens, as they were in King George III's time, and some great paintings and digital reconstructions illustrating Kew's unique life story. The Festival continues until 24th September. Photo: RBG Kew.

Blossom End Rot of Tomatoes in Hot Climates
Research has been undertaken into the incidence of blossom end rot in tomatoes in hot arid climates by researchers in Kuwait. Blossom end rot is a common disorder of tomatoes, the rot appearing as round spots on the blossom end of fruits. Initial symptoms of the disease appear as water-soaked indented stains or brown spots which rapidly become black as the disorder progresses.

New Waterlily Book
For those who read German, a new book entitled Seerosen (Waterlilies) has been published in Germany.

Biological Pest and Disease Control
We are all looking towards biologically friendly ways of controlling pests and diseases in our gardens. The Dutch nursery industry is too. The combination of economics, pressure from legislation, and public demand, has led to some serious experimental work taking place at a research station in Horst in southern Holland.

Developing Whitefly Controls
Every gardener is interested in hearing about new methods of controlling whitefly, even if they are not yet fully developed. If they are more biologically friendly than what we have at present, then so much the better.

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