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Friday, July 28, 2006

Companion Planting - Pest Deterrent Plants

Thyme deters cabbage loopers, cabbage worms and whiteflies

It is suggested that those who like to garden organically and in an eco-friendly way can do much to improve their chances of controlling insect pests by establishing deterrent plants. For centuries gardeners all over the world have made claims that particular plants control specific pests, but to date nothing has been proved unequivocally scientifically. However, many gardeners believe companion planting is beneficial, even if the results are not yet completely conclusive.

There is a comprehensive list now available on the GardenMessenger web-site. The list that follows is of accumulated knowledge from a number of both written and verbal sources. None of the plants mentioned should be depended upon as an alternative to good practical pest management, whether wholly organic or with the use of pesticides, but they are an interesting starting point for serious organic gardening research. To visit the list click here.

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