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Monday, July 31, 2006

Living Room Friendly Poinsettias

'Stargazer Marble'

Researchers have developed a new strain of Poinsettia that is likely to prove much more living room friendly. Not that this was their original objective. For commercial producers of the plants it is increasingly important to explore ways of reducing the energy input into greenhouse production. As part of a collaborative project between breeder and commercial grower, Agriom and Florema, a new range of Poinsettia cultivars has been produced called ‘Eco-Stars’. Financial support for the research was provided by the Dutch Commodity Board for Horticulture.

The breeding objective was not just to create cultivars that grow and develop well at lower temperatures. They must also perform well at normal higher temperature regimes. This allows a grower, at any given time, to change between a high energy regime 20°C (68ºF) and a low energy regime 17°C (62ºF) in accordance with desired finishing times for the crop and relative energy costs. If a crop is growing too fast, or the delivery date for a client is postponed, a grower can switch from a high energy to low energy regime as part of the overall crop management. Another reason that these new cultivars must also perform well at a higher temperature regime is because growers will often have other crops in the same greenhouse block that require the higher energy regime.

So it would seem that the commercial grower is often faced with similar circumstances in terms of light and temperature variation as the home gardener, thus the adaptations in breeding made to create these new cultivars must have benefits to the gardener growing these plants in the house where both temperature variation and often extreme heat, along with variable light, often lead to the early demise of the plants. A number of selections in the ‘Eco-stars’ series have been made, named and are now available: ‘Stargazer Red’, StarGazer White’ and ‘Stargazer Marble’. Photo: Florema

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