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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Propagating and Labelling

The Compact Rootrainer
The original Rootrainer was developed for commercial growers and for some years has been widely used in the nursery industry, especially by those who raise trees and shrubs from seed and cuttings. It is now available to the home gardener as the new Compact Rootrainer Tray. It contains twenty hinged, easy open "books" or cells, and is smaller than the original Rootrainer. An easy to handle, lightweight tray design rather than a traditional Rootrainer frame, the Compact uses less space and compost and is ideal for window ledges, hobby greenhouses and cold frames. Gardeners who are not familiar with the Rootrainer system should visit their web-site for more information click here.

New Method of Labelling

Brother GL-100

The Brother electronic GL-100 is a gadget for printing durable labels that are perfect for all gardening purposes. The labels are also ideal for labelling storage jars for anyone who makes own jams and preserves, as well as for other applications around the home. The GL-100’s laminated labels can withstand extreme temperatures and are totally resilient to humidity and rain.

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