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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Water Gardening News

Today I have launched a new blog entitled Water Gardening News. This replaces the original PondMessenger blog, which for several months has been associated with this one, and has served the PondMessenger community of water gardeners. Water Gardening News is devoted to bringing the latest news and information about aquatic plants, ornamental fish and pond products from around the world to hobbyist water gardeners and those who are involved in the pond-keeping business. PondMessenger is now creating a new home within the developing regional web-sites of International Horticultural Communications Pty Ltd. In addition a monthly regional PondMessenger eNewsletter is being published in collaboration with the Water Gardener web-sites. I hope that apart from visiting this blog, if you have a garden pond you will also check in regularly with Water Gardening News.

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