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Friday, October 06, 2006

Mediterranean Fruit Fly Control

Mediterranean Fruit Fly

A product developed by the United States Agricultural Research Service and Suterra LLC is helping to keep the Mediterranean Fruit Fly out of the United States and giving other countries an effective, environmentally friendly control method. The product, BioLure 3-Component Fruit Fly Lure, is being commercialised by Suterra, which holds the exclusive license for the ARS patents. Suterra is marketing it in the United States, Spain, South Africa, Guatemala, Mexico and Peru. Growers and government agencies in these countries are now using BioLure 3-Component Fruit Fly Lure as an effective tool to monitor for the presence of the flies as well as reducing their populations by mass trapping.

Each year in Spain, for example, mass trapping is done on thousands of hectares of citrus groves using BioLure 3-Component Fruit Fly Lure. Spanish plant health agencies have found mass-trapping with the lure is as effective as insecticides at controlling fruit fly damage without leaving pesticide residues on fruit or harming beneficial insects. The product is a combination of three compounds: ammonium acetate, putrescine and trimethylamine. It captures more Mediterranean Fruit Flies and fewer non-target insects, is more consistent between batches and lasts four to eight times as long, as protein baits. It also attracts mostly female flies, which is important in areas where sterile male insect control programmes are being used.

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