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Monday, October 09, 2006

New Peach Cultivars

Peach 'Gulfking'

Two recently introduced peach cultivars developed by the United States South-eastern Fruit and Nut Research Laboratory, the University of Georgia and University of Florida, will shortly be available to home gardeners. The cultivars, ‘Gulfking’ and ‘Gulfcrest’, were made available to commercial growers in 2003. Both cultivars are known as "non-melting" peaches. That is they resist bruising and remain firm longer while ripening on the tree.

In the United States ‘Gulfking’ typically ripens in early May. When ripe, its skin is mostly red on a deep yellow to orange background. The flesh is firm and sweet and does not turn brown readily when bruised or cut. ‘Gulfcrest’ ripens from early to mid-May, extending the harvest period. The fruit is medium to large and also has a mostly red skin on a deep yellow to orange background. The flesh is firm, with good sweetness, and contains some red flecks in the outer flesh on the sun-exposed side of the fruit. As with ‘Gulfking’, this peach does not brown readily when bruised or cut.

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